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Looking for a unique team building activity? H.O.W. offers group baking classes for events, led by experienced instructors. Our classes promote teamwork, communication, and creativity in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and can be customized to suit your group's interests. Contact us to book your event today!
Fun indoor team building activity

Fun indoor team building

Bring your team together with a cooking class corporate event with H.O.W., perfect for bonding over a shared love of food and cooking. Engage your coworkers in a fun and collaborative baking workshop that promotes camaraderie and cooperation. Foster teamwork and provide a refreshing break from the daily routine with this fun indoor team building activity.

Group bonding team building activity

Group bonding

Our baking classes are perfect for group bonding activities such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers and more. Learn new recipes and techniques while also enjoying some quality time together friends and family. Our expert instructors will guide the group through the baking and decorating process, teaching you valuable skills while also providing a fun and engaging activity.

Private baking classes

Private baking classes

Get a personalized and hands-on approach to learning how to bake. Our trained instructor can work with you individually to develop your baking skills, focusing on techniques and recipes that meet your specific interests and needs. This is perfect for aspiring bakers or business owners wanting to further develop their baking experience.

Birthday party for kids and adults

Our baking classes and events are designed for beginners, including children! Host your birthday party with H.O.W. with a hands-on baking workshop or class that's guaranteed to be a unique, fun and memorable activity. The birthday boy or girl and their friends will learn new baking and decorating skills and create delicious treats together.

Customised team building classes

Team building tailored for you

Our culinary team building events can be tailored to meet the needs of your team, whether you're looking for a fun cake decorating team building exercise or a more focused baking team building experience. Contact us today to enquire for your next event!

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What to expect from our team building events

Led by experienced chefs, our team building baking class provides a valuable experience for teamwork and cooperation. Participants collaborate towards a final product, improving their communication and delegation skills, while also gaining new skills and confidence.

Baking team building

Learning objectives

Team building activities are a must for career growth, and at Hands On Workshop, we offer a unique experience where participants collaborate in groups to create a final product. Our expert chefs guide the group through the technical aspects of the process while participants improve communication and delegation skills, all in the spirit of self-improvement and self-help. Join us and enjoy the benefits of increased confidence, new skills, and a memorable experience outside of your daily routine.

Team building baking classes

Learning outcomes

  • Boost your confidence and promote personal growth with our team building baking classes.
  • Learn exciting new skills and experience something unique outside of your daily routine.
  • Gain new knowledge and explore different techniques to unlock your full potential in the kitchen.
  • Produce a sellable finished product, showcasing your new cake baking and decorating skills.
  • Team building magic with HOW Academy

    Create your team's magic!

    Build effective teamwork and strong bonds. Discover your team's MAGIC today through our team-based baking, cake decorating, and frosting.

  • Team building baking - therapeutic activity

    Therapeutic activity

    Our baking workshop provides a fun and exciting experience for teams to enjoy and work together, stepping outside of their usual work routine.

  • Team dynamics & development - baking team building

    Team dynamics & development

    Create bonding through creating beautiful cakes & pastries, no matter your skill level. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

  • Creativity & problem solving - baking team building

    Promotes creativity for solving problems

    Creating a mess, using precise techniques and making desserts together allows teams to appreciate the process, bond and share an experience.

  • Team and family care - baking team building

    Team & family care

    Improve team and family well-being by incorporating baking tips from our team building sessions into your daily lifestyle.

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Baking corporate events with Hands On Workshop Academy

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Strengthen your team's bonds & baking skills with our private or group baking classes. Contact us today to book your next event!

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  • Monash University
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  • Dassault Systemes
  • Dr Carmen Clinic
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