About us

Welcome to our bake studio, Hands On Workshop Academy (H.O.W), where we strive to reduce the gap between professional bakers and home bakers. Our primary mission is to create a fun and impactful learning experience for everyone.
About Hands On Workshop Academy Baking School Bake Studio

Since 2016, we have hosted baking workshops with bakers from various backgrounds and cultures in Malaysia. We started by renting out spaces for our workshops but fell in love with the feeling of sharing knowledge. In 2018, we took a leap of faith and established our own bake studio in the bustling city of Subang Jaya.

Our bake studio is fully equipped to cater to any baking needs or events. We have hosted almost 100 international baking workshops, bringing smiles to over 3000 students. Our vision is to become the best cake shop in KL and the leading baking academy in Malaysia.

"With the right skills and mindset, anything is possible"

Joakim Prat Eclairs Masterclass - Baking Class at Hands On Workshop Academy

At H.O.W, we believe in making the best use of God’s gift, which is our hands. We offer a range of baking classes, where we teach the art of baking cakes, pastries, and bread. Our baking school is designed to improve your skills and help you become a better baker, and is suitable even for beginners with zero baking experience.

Taro Pandan Coconut fresh cream cake from H.O.W. Academy

In addition to being a leading baking academy in Malaysia, H.O.W. is also one of the best cake shops in town. Our bake studio creates delicious and aesthetically pleasing fresh cream cakes that are perfect for any occasion. Our cakes are made fresh to order by our master bakers, and are available for delivery in the Klang Valley.

At H.O.W., we are dedicated to providing the best baking experience for our customers, whether it's through our baking workshops or our delicious cakes. Browse our website to order a cake delivery in KL or Selangor, or find out more about our baking classes.